Biomass Briquette Machinery Development in Jilin Province

Jilin province is one of the predominantly agricultural provinces in China, it is also a perfect place to develop biomass briquette industry. Agricultural waste is main raw material for biomass briquette production, for example: the straws and the left over after the harvest. In the past, each year, tons of straws are burned by the individual farmers in the field, which has caused serious environmental problems.

The biomass fuel technologies could turn these agricultural wastes into fuels of different forms: methyl alcohol, flammable gas and biomass briquette fuels. Since 2 years ago, the technical problems for non-grain bioethanol production has already been solved, fuel products has realized the diversification of agricultural products range. Straw is featured with large yield, renewable, low sulfur content, utilizing straw has significant meaning for ease the energy crisis, protect the energy safety.

Agriculture and biomass briquette machinery industry will be integrated organically and effectively, biomass briquette machinery is the one of the ways that can realize the energy revolution in the future, the 12th 5 years develop plan would accelerate the speed of this progress in China.

The Rising of the Clean Energy Industry

If the traditional energy industry sees the market as a cake, the renewable clean energies are going to cut a bigger part each year. One is the very mature fossil fuels that controls 90% of the market, the other is the very creative sunrise industry. Compared with the coal and fossil fuel, the clean energies like solar power, wind power and biomass briquette has one unique advantage-the off-net power supply ability.

When these new and clean fuels are promoted well in the remote rural areas, everyone in the world would be able to use electricity and power at every corner of the world. People in places far away from the cities are not wealthy, the IEA has testified that if the world’s power is single supplied by the coal fired power plant, 10 billion people in the world wouldn’t be able to use power before 2030, which means even if there is no climate problem, the scattered off-net clean energy is the only possible way to go.

Take the mobile phone for example, 4.11 billion people are using the mobile phone network, but in India, 3 billion people still don’t have enough power while they can afford mobile phones. A few days ago Google corporation is planning to invest 6 billion dollars in the renewable energy project it started before for seeing the benefit it could bring in the future.

The clean energy can be classified into 2 parts: electricity generate and the heat generate, biomass briquette and pellet will be able to play the later part, and it doesn’t have the problem of high cost in the production, do more research and develop advanced briquette making machine and biomass fireplace and the time for clean energy will start today.

The Ways You Can Make Use of Biomass Fuels

Any kind of mature product would have a series of different products types for different uses, the biomass fuels doesn’t seem to be developed enough, while it still contains many different fuel products due to the forms, for example: the waste oil becomes bio-diesel oil; garbage gas power plant; straws made into fuel briquette, etc.

Bio-diesel oil: Drainage oil, swill oil, waste cooking oil, the waste oil produced in the oil refinery process, all of these can be used in bio-diesel oil production, the processes can be realized in one integrated machine, 1 ton of drainage oil could be turned into 0.95 ton bio-diesel oil, and it could pass the European biomass diesel standards, it could be used to blend in with the ordinary oil.

Garbage gas power plant: The sewer is the conscience of the city. Now the garbage created in a city could do much more pollution than before, ferment out it and burn it is one better and advanced way than the landfill in the old times, yet the garbage classification is still a problem in progress.

Straw briquette: straw briquette is a clean and renewable fuel than other fuels, it doesn’t require high technologies or complicated processes of the raw materials, it is all natural and burning it wouldn’t cause pollution problems, but how to make profit from a straw briquette plant is a problem.

Biomass Briquette Fuel-The Alternative Fuel for the Future

Biomass fuel can be classified into 3 types by form: gas, liquid and solid. From the production view, solid form biomass fuel( wood briquette and wood pellet) is the simplest and cheapest, the key process is the high pressure part, liquid and gas form biomass fuel production requires more complicated equipments, thus the costs are much higher.

Being bothered by the shortage of fuel is a worldwide problem now, biomass fuel(especially the biomass briquette fuel) has become the first option in most of the countries, America, Australia, German, etc. Thousands of research centers and factories are build in the last few decades, new technologies are created and new products are produced each year, no wonder some fuel expert predict that biomass briquette machinery and industry will become an important part of the renewable fuel system in the future.

Utilizing the biomass fuel could bring a lot of benefits, for example: it is the only kind of fuel that can be made into liquid and solid forms, the other fuel like solar energy, wind power, geo-thermal, they could only be generated in the form of electricity, electricity is the 100% clean power form, while the production cost might be too high, the economic value need to be improved.

Biomass briquette utilizing is one effective way of enhance the energy safety of a country, it also helps reduce the environment pollution. Theoretically the biomass briquette fuel production is totally clean, it ensures the food safety and energy safety at the same time, with no waste produced.

Use Biomass Briquettes Fuel-Bring Back The Blue Sky

Beijing has earned an unwanted title this early spring-smog city, long time of the PM2.5 pollution has reminded most people of how long have it been since the last time they see the blue sky. Beijing is a northern city, the early spring is still very cold, it has been under 0℃ most of the time,   while this year, wind is the wish to everyone in Beijing and other cities around, cause wind is the only possible way that could take the smog away, unfortunately the smog weather had stayed for over a month.

Some people might blame that to the fast development speed and not trying to protect the environment; the fact is China has been making efforts and progress each year while the efforts is just not enough, too much pollution had been discharged, it can be told by the figure of discharge amount of per billion RMB of GDP has been lowered each year while the total amount has been rising.

Burning of agriculture byproduct-straw is one main cause for the smog weather, this is the one problem that can be solved easily-making the clean biomass straw briquette out of the agriculture waste, while the control of air pollution shall be taken into action in every countries, people in the world might not share the same land, but we do share the same air.

Why Food Cooked with Wood Charcoal Tastes Better than Natural Gas

Charcoal production is realized by wood burning in a sealed room with low oxygen content, it is one of the favorite fuel type of most people.

The modernization in people’s kitchen has changed the fuel used in cooking, natural gas and electricity are promoted for their advantages of more cleaning and convenient.

Many people who live in developed countries might had the experience of using wood log in cooking, it is something similar with the wood charcoal, even now people in some rural areas still uses wood log as the fuel for cooking, and a lot of people who have tried the foods feels a little difference in the taste, it makes people wonder that whether it is something real or just people’s psychological effect.

Japan is a country with a long history of using wood charcoal, the highest annual yield of Japan is in the year of 1940, the amount reached 0.13 billion tons, there are 2 types of wood charcoal products: white charcoal and black charcoal. The refinery temperature of white charcoal is very high-1000 ℃, the black charcoal is 700℃– 800℃, compared with the natural gas and the petroleum, the amount of far infrared ray created while burning charcoal is much higher, and that’s why the food cooked with charcoal tastes better.

Now many new charcoal products are developed for different uses: improving the earth condition and water condition, house moisture control, heating the snow and activated carbon. For now if you want to lower the wood charcoal machine cost, personally I would recommend you the charcoal biomass briquetting machine manufacturers from China.

New Challenge on Promoting the Use of Low Carbon Energy to the World

A research report was published in the Huston Cambridge energy week seminar on March 5th, the transformation of energy use in the low carbon energy is something we have never done before, it will bring about many new challenges as well as the fundamental changes to the world energy system.

This report is provided by the America Cambridge energy consultancy company and the world economical forum, the climate changes at the beginning of 21 century has influenced many places on earth, people begin to discuss and think about the possibilities of better control of the energy, the increased need of energy mainly comes from the developing countries.

It is being said that approximately 87%of the fuel in the whole world is from the resources like the petroleum, coal and natural gases, the renewable clean energies- wind power, photovoltaic, geothermal power, biomass fuels and other non-water power are developing, they only supplies 1.6% of the world fuel consumption amount.

Daniel-the vice president of Cambridge energy consultancy company predicts that although the amount of fuel consumption will increase each year, the fuel structure in 2030 will have enormous changes compared with today, then the innovation, research and development, price and the government policies will affect the fuel structure in many ways.

Robert-senior supervisor of the world economical forum believes that the new fuel product we developed in the past are mainly based on single fuel resource, but in the future it will be the changes to a whole set of fuel structure.

The report also says that the increased fuel need will mainly comes from the developing countries, these countries are going to benefit from the new low carbon energies, because for them it would be a leap forward develop in this industry. Biomass briquette machinery is one key factor which would affect the development of biomass fuel industry.

Wood and sawdust briquetting press

Wood and sawdust briquetting pressWhen it comes to waste briquetting press, there are different types. Wood also known as sawdust waste briquetting press is the common types. However, these two are not different. When one mentions sawdust, wood comes in mind. They are the same thing but somehow different. Wood waste briquetting press offers spare parts, it is used for heating, and the raw material used is sawdust.

Many companies have put more pressure in finding low cost methods of recycling waste materials. Let us take an example of a raw material like sawdust it has a high energy content that when recycled can produced energy. Wood is a natural product that is highly recognized as a briquette. Unlike charcoal, wood has a high burning calorific value. Wood can be used at homes for domestic use, which has nowadays become preferable than coal.

The briquetting press does most of the work. If one could afford to have this machine for use at home, it is highly efficient. What this machine does is it reduces the volume of the waste product and save it on storage. There are many advantages that come with these waste briquetting press. One is due to their strong, robust, and compact structure; they produce highly quality and evenly shaped briquettes. Waste wood, bark, old forest, chips, and dust are some of the common waste used by these briquettes

High capacity round briquette press

round briquette pressThe round briquette press machine has some interesting features such as low energy consumption, durable, compact, and high capacity. Most people have started being interested in coal/biomass briquetting business. This is due to the high demand and the increase in need of energy source. With the introduction of biomass fuel/energy, it has been known to be the best at producing energy that saves the environment.

The need of using this machine to produce energy is increasing day by day due to the increase in fuel costs. The amazing part of this round press is that it produces charcoal sticks of different diameters and shapes from agro forest waste. When it comes to the working principle of this press, many wonder how this machine works. The machine uses a large screw for grinding, compressing, and extruding biomass into briquettes.

The process followed is known as briquetting. This is the process by which biomass is compressed under high pressure and temperature. Some characteristics of the round press include; no binder or noxious chemicals needed to sue with this machine. There is control of the raw material’s humidity up to 8-12%. For the perfect performance, there is need of using the advanced hot air drying system.

The biomass briquetting from India

manufacturers of biomass hydraulic briquetting press in indiaThe manufacturers of biomass hydraulic briquetting press in India have introduced some useful and innovative products. Most people living in developing countries have gained a lot from biomass briquetting India. The biomass machine made in India is mostly used in heating huge boilers. These briquettes are mostly used in water industries. The biomass briquettes are used for generating electricity, from the steam that comes from the water heating boilers.

Many people have embraced the use of these machines dues to many reasons. Nowadays, with the apparent effects of global warming, it has made many turn to the briquettes especially the industries. This is because, the machines are friendly to the environment, and this has made many to stop using coal that pollutes the environment. Dried biomass is the primary source of energy used by these briquettes.

Compared to the past, there is a tremendous increase in the number of people that use the machines. Most people especially from the high standard living societies, they have lived to consider these types of machines for the poor. What they have not yet realized is that these are energy saving machines. For anyone to use the Indian made briquette, one needs to hire a professional.